Sheldon Richards is an artist and art educator living and working in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Sheldon took an early interest in art after being recognized for his outstanding dinosaur drawings in elementary school. In high school he was taught by Albuquerque legend Justin Bagley and there was no turning back. He obtained an Art Studio degree from the University of New Mexico focusing primarily on painting, drawing, and printmaking and a Master’s in Education before beginning teaching. As a teacher he broadly widened his technical capabilities. Students kept asking him how to do things and whenever he did not know, he would do his best to find out. As a result, he has gained proficiency in a wide variety of styles, methods, and materials. Sheldon’s art explores combining different styles and methods of representation with playing with the theoretical components of art. Similarly, he enjoys experimenting with and combining materials. His art generally seeks to create a mood rather than create a coherent narrative. Sometimes there are narrative thematic elements, but they are usually secondary to the feeling of the piece.