Long ago and far away, Rick was retired and bored in Florida. He enrolled in ceramics classes at the local community college and after completing all they had, he was invited to work as a pottery lab tech, providing emersion experience in studio management and the opportunity to practice a wide spectrum of techniques beyond the academic offerings.

He relocated to Albuquerque for an executive position in charge of an R&D group and moved into Corrales. For ten years, Rick directed “energetic” materials research, design and testing. In his spare time, he built his pottery studio and installed his commercial vineyard. For the last 14 years, he has been producing and selling his unique functional and whimsical pottery, and grapes for Corrales vintners, and teaching private ceramics in his studio.

His work can be seen in his studio by appointment, in local Corrales art shows, and in various galleries in the Albuquerque area.