Greta was born in Massachusetts. At the age of twelve she moved to New Mexico with her family. After graduating with a Bachelors in Fine Arts, she pursued a career in cosmetology in order to pay the rent. After close to 30 years of paying the bills, she decided enough was enough and threw herself back into her purpose in life: painting.

The Southwest’s influence is evident in all her works with the use of bold and bright colors. Sweeping gestures and brush strokes are found in her abstracts, then they are turned and twisted to reveal the emotional impact the surrounding environment has.

What I create is based on a subconscious, emotional, and creative inspiration, that evolves into an image or form in my conscious mind… I use color and form to communicate and intensify that image.”

Greta has found abstract painting and portraits to be artistically satisfying, but the pursuance of a mixed media aesthetic was what really compelled her. Ms. Stockebrand’s technique of using plastered gauze on canvas and other backgrounds generates stunning dimensional works that are prodigious in scope.