An abstract expressionistic painter living and working in Albuquerque, New Mexico since 1989, Ivana Starcevic was born in Belgrade, Serbia. She long has sought to capture “the spirit of place” in her art, finding inspiration not only in her current surroundings, but also in her fragmented memories of where she grew up. From the age of four, Starcevic knew she wanted to be an artist.

Her paintings are rich in color, verve and motion, whether inspired by landscape, light, or New Mexico’s sky.

Starcevic earned an MFA in Mixed Media from the Academy of Applied Arts University in Belgrade and later pursued postgraduate studies in printmaking from the University of New Mexico.

Her current large-scale work, inspired by southwestern hues and views, is usually painted from memory, “guided by intuition and fueled by imagination.” Unafraid of challenges, her style bold, her approach sometimes messy, Starcevic’s curiosity and passion infuse her paintings.

While she did take a break from fine arts to pursue a 20-year career as the Creative Director for a Fortune 500 Company, focused on innovative technology, custom training, and digital communications, throughout Starcevic kept connected to art through her work as both a rescue animal photographer, and a contributor to Getty/iStock.

Now retired from business, Starcevic daily plays with rhythmic layers of vivid acrylics and oils, energetically exploring alternatives on canvas.
Her work, described by one critic as “unshakably cosmopolitan, irreversibly modern and strikingly innovative,” has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and her pieces are in both public and private collections.