“Village” by Jamila Savoy

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This series of work came out of my solo journey from Nevada to New Mexico. After 5 years of fighting a life-threatening illness, I re-examined my life and, in so doing, re-imagined it. I sold and gave away all the contents of my house, parted with my partner of ten years, said goodbye to everyone and everything I had known, packed up my car with a few belongings, my dog and set out on the road. I landed in New Mexico in search of an awakening and rebirth. This piece is representative of my first arrival to the Southwest as I absorbed my new surroundings and began to rebuild myself within this new community. These pieces depict my personal observations and the vibrancy of New Mexico’s rich culture. Using energetic color and layering and obscuring imagery, I have tried to balance the excitement of a new arrival, both in life and location with the unsureness of starting over – a solitary presence amidst a majestic landscape and rich history. This series represents the courage to, quite literally, expand one’s horizons.

36″ x 48″



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