Molly Mendenhall

I like the little things. I love tiny insects with shiny green wings, and little seeds and signatures and small, kind, gestures. I love beads because of their tiny, tactile nature. When I was a young girl, I bought a small, navy blue beaded coin purse from a garage sale. I would lay belly-up on my bedroom floor, gravity assisting me in rubbing it over my face, which I did because the beads were cool and each bead would spin individually along my skin - it was heavenly for no logical reason, and the little girl in me found something like purity in that raw, unexplained comfort. Making beaded jewelry has never really been about the finished product. It's always been more about the process. One bead, then one, two, three. Switch colors, hold thread tension, don't bend the needle, one, two, three, four-hundred. I try to avoid complicating my work with too much meaning. People ask, “What is your inspiration”? In truth, there is no concrete idea or inspiration, I bead because it calms my busy mind, I bead because it offers some comfort and familiarity in a world which never ceases to surprise. I do it because there's no real end-goal.