Laura Balombini

Painting is like... deciding to go on an extended driving trip... in a pretty cool travel trailer. You spend time figuring out where you'd like to end up... what you'd like to see and do along the way. This all takes awhile because as you see where the route takes you, you keep changing your mind as to what you'd like to experience and explore. You ready the vehicle, pack what you think you will need... and start to head out. Just before you leave the driveway, a friend asks can he get a ride part way? ahhh ok. Trip just got more complicated. Now you have to be social. You adjust your thinking and settle in. Colors are nice, the road is smooth, signs are helpful. Many side trips and stoping to fix the van (you forgot to pack tools) occur... but you start to forget the destination... instead enjoying the ride. It never really mattered where you were going anyway.

 Sculpting is like…you have to design the travel trailer… and fabricate it before you can head out. Sometimes you get caught up in the engineering and the trip is delayed. The combination of making and exploring in a mix of materials does keep the road very interesting. Oh... and that friend that came along? He reminds you to occasionally call home and pay the bills.

I’m a storyteller who paints and creates what I can imagine. With degrees in clay and fiber and 30 years of trial and error... lots or error... one does find what works best... and what makes you happy.

I’m not partial to any certain kinds of materials or surfaces... like a good cook in the kitchen, I’ll use whatever is at hand and explore where the ingredients take me. Whether it be painting, sculpture, or my refashioned clothing line... you’ll find the main theme that runs through them all is a tale of contemporary folk art and a pinch of whimsy.