Jaymes Dudding

The amazing abundance of symbolic forms and images throughout time on pottery vessels, female figurines and other cult objects has persuaded me that these works are much more than simply attractive decorative motifs. I’m convinced that they belong to an un-deciphered language of the metaphysical. Among the beautiful graphic designs on these artifacts are to be found primal insignias of the snake, bison, egg, heart and womb. The water-carrier is another familiar image of the goddess and associates her with the waters of life, life-giver,  and ultimately, the mysterious source of life.

My ceramic sculptures have been inspired by these powerful forms and images. The large dimensions of many of my pieces, removes them from ordinary experience. Such objects have been essential elements of ancient rituals and sacred ceremonies for eons. Images such as these were integral parts of ritual offerings and sacrifices. They were created to honor and enchant the perceived energy personified by Mother Nature.

I hope the observer can sense the ages-old nonchalance I admire so much in the work of these ancient artisans: Consummate skill expressed through intimate knowledge of materials and process. It is evident that the work was driven by an intuitive sensitivity to form and surface. Finally, I hope the energy vested in the creation of my sculptures finds a resonance in the viewer’s imagination.