“As a child I had a set of tiny scottie dog erasers that lived in the drawer of my antique desk. Each dog had a name and a story – the origin of their individuality. I continue in this fashion with my current work. Each painting is based in narrative, and laced with obscure commentary through symbols and surrealistic channels. The narrative is the guide or catalyst which I follow to connect the animal to the human world.

My work is highly detailed and rich to convey both this connection and the surreal nature of the pieces.”

Amanda Banker (b.1979 USA). Born and raised in Corrales, NM, Amanda studied traditional and computer animation in Southern California, with an emphasis is story. After earning her BFA in Arts and Entertainment, Amanda went on to Freelance Illustration, and Storyboarding in the Animation Industry. After several years of work in Southern California, Amanda realized that she could express deeper metaphors and incorporate more details through surrealist art techniques. It was after this realization that Amanda began to show on Canyon Road in Sante Fe, NM. During this time she returned to New Mexico to pursue her oil painting talents.