Incomparably luminous and vibrant, dye-infused aluminum prints are fully archival, incredibly durable, can withstand humidity, are easy to care for, and float perfectly 1/2″ off of the wall for a clean, contemporary look.  No framing is necessary, though they can be framed if preferred. UV tested to 300 years, artwork on this medium will be around to pass on to future generations. A variety of finishes are available, carefully selected by the artist to be appropriate for the image.

Typically, high gloss is preferred for its punchy color, however a matte finish for hanging in areas with high potential for glare is available, and sheer prints which shows some of the metal grain are sometimes utilized by our digital artists. All available finishes are usually listed, but special requests are welcome and we will accommodate where possible and appropriate.

Unlike paper and canvas, these aluminum prints can be hung in areas with humidity or occasional light condensation without fear of warping, sagging, or discoloration. They can be gently cleaned with window cleaner and a soft cloth to restore the full brilliance. They should not be placed in direct sunlight or outdoor weather.