March 2022

Hello friends!
This month, we are excited to host our fifth (really fourth, thanks, COVID), annual “Women’s Work” exhibition! As usual, it’s a fantastic one, and we encourage you to be sure to see it in person! We’ve also got new work and the stories behind it, and some other cool announcements about our resident artists!

Be well, live artfully, don’t forget to howl at the moon now and again…

-Amy & The Ghostwolf Gang

PS- While the New Mexico mask mandate is now lifted, we ask that you please consider wearing one in the gallery and respect other precautions our artists may be taking to keep you, other guests, and themselves safe and healthy. We are not at this time requiring you mask up, but we do have some artists that are at risk or have family members that are. Thanks!


WHERE: Ghostwolf! 206-1/2 San Felipe ST NW STE 3
WHEN: March 4th, 2021 (5-8pm); show runs through March 27th

It’s back! This month, we welcome the work of 23 local female artists. The competition, as always, was fierce and the final count on pieces we had available to jury was 212! Of that, we selected 25 pieces in a variety of media to display in the gallery throughout the month of March. As always, the show takes on a life of its own, and this one is a beauty. While we hope that you will join us for the opening reception and/or visit the gallery during the month, you can also find a video tour of the show on our website here. All of the work is for sale, and will be available at this link very soon! And, we loved this year’s submissions so much, we’ve decided to include a gallery of the work that was not selected, as well. Please consider supporting ALL of these wonderful women with purchases, social media follows, etcetera!

A quick note regarding COVID-19 protocols…
As stated in our introductory statement this month, New Mexico no longer has a mask mandate for indoor spaces. While we will not require you wear a mask in the gallery, please consider doing so as we proceed with caution towards a safe transition into whatever the “new normal” is. And, if you forget a mask and need one, never fear! Just ask one of our artists and we’ll provide one. Thank you!!


L BaLoMbiNi / redpaintstudio

WHERE: New Mexico Art League Gallery
WHEN: Ends March 5th

Last chance to see! Laura has three works on display at the New Mexico Art League gallery in Albuquerque, NM through March 5th. “Down to Earth“, a selection of juried works is available to view online as well as in person by appointment. Laura’s piece “Archeology II” (shown here) contemplates layers of rock and soil as representative of story and time on this planet.


WHERE: Gallery with a Cause, NM Cancer Center, 4901 Lang Ave NE
WHEN: FRIDAY, MARCH 4TH (6-8:30pm)

Join Amy & Ivana at the Gallery with a Cause at the New Mexico Cancer Center for the first ever Anniversary edition!  Anniversary Exhibition # 1 is the first of two Anniversary Exhibitions celebrating 20 years of the New Mexico Cancer Center Foundation. It showcases 350 works by artists who received an award in one of the previous shows. Forty-percent of each art sale is tax deductible and goes to the New Mexico Cancer Center Foundation supporting patients’ non-medical needs during their battle with life-changing illness. Curated by Regina Held, the show runs through May 20th! Viewing is by appointment only. Contact:

All of the works in the exibition can be found here
Check out the Facebook event page here!

As a special incentive to come on by, Amy will be debuting the artist proof of her new piece “Just Another Day in Paradise”, the sixth piece in the “After Oz” series. (Shown below in our “new work” section!)

Participating artists:
Marian Berg, Karin Cook, Amy M. Ditto, Addie Draper, Patricia Forbes, J. Waid Griffin, Sarah Hartshorne, Sandra Humphries, Sandra Lapham, Carol Lutz, Jacob Matteson, Christopher Miller, Dan Noyes, Deborah Openden, Gwen T. Samuels, Bruce Shortz, Ivana Starcevic and Kent Winchester.


WHERE: Tortuga Gallery
WHEN: Opens Friday, March 4th (4-8pm) Runs through March 26th

Denise has 3 paintings from her I Ching Hexagram series in the “Water is Life” show at Tortuga gallery!



“Just Another Day in Paradise” by Amy M. Ditto

Amy writes:

“À peine défigurée” – Hardly Disfigured
Farewell to Sadness
Sadness, hello
You are written in the lines on the ceiling
You are written in the eyes that I love

You are not the same as wretchedness
For the poorest of lips reproach you
With a smile
Sadness, hello
Lover’s bodies love you
You are the force in love
From which kindness arises
Like some disembodied thing
Just a look that’s disappointed
Sadness you are fair of face

-Paul Éluard, 1932
(translated from French version)

Meet “Just Another Day in Paradise”…

This piece had been rattling around in my head for several years, but I just recently got to sit down and work on it. The entire “After Oz” series has felt all the more relevant in the context of the pandemic, and this piece, while there may be hints of catastrophe given the ever-present tornado plowing through the field of flowers (pandemic, anyone?), also contains big doses of hope and gratitude. Amongst the themes within are strength through adversity, silver linings, and the gift of the love of friends, with a sprinkling of being the calm before the storm/not sweating the small (and even big) stuff (and the maybe the virtues of a good glass of wine now and again). 

My means of communicating these elements is many-fold. The juxtaposition of competing elements such as tornadoes and flowers is one device towards that end. Including a bouquet of peace lillies (common at both weddings and funerals) is another. (This is also a dedication to those lost to COVID and a wish for peace and hope for those that have suffered in the wake of these losses.) And, the inclusion of the book our “Dorothy” has brought along, entitled “Bonjour Tristesse” (“Hello Sadness”) by Françoise Sagan is yet a third of many.

(To learn why Amy chose Sagan’s book, why Éluard’s poem is relevant, and more about the new image, continue reading here…)


Popopi and Twins
The Olmec civilization honored the natural world by creating legends for the landmarks surrounding their home. The legend of Popopi and Twins incredibly survived the disappearance of the Olmec and is shared with all monsters living in the former heartland of this mysterious culture.

…Popopi was the tallest mountain god of the southern jungles of his lands and his strength was feared and respected by all living in his shadow. His onyx companions, the conjoined telotlil, guarded him with a fierce loyalty, and it was said that anyone who wanted to present Popopi with an offering had to first be deemed worthy by the giant black creatures. The coming of age ritual for the younger Olmec people looking to become shamans required that each person make the treacherous hike through the thick jungle to the base of the mountain god, where they then must climb to the peak and leave an offering of a sacred hued leaf at the crest (this gift would abate the fierce temper of Popopi and would lessen the chance of a catastrophic volcanic eruption.). Only those who made the difficult ascent and successfully returned to their people could become religious leaders…

This legend was passed on to the next inhabitants of the land, the Aztec. These new residents changed the legend and name of the mountain to Popocatepetl.


A Delicious Memory of Lilies

The white lily has represented a plethora of meanings in different cultures: peace, purity, chastity, sympathy, and renewal. In the eastern monster cultures of Asia, the white lily has symbolized something else: knowledge and abundance. The flower is traditionally presented to a young monster on their twelfth birthday and its petals are consumed alongside a celebratory chocolate cake. The blossoming monster is taught that any time in which they feel uncertain, fearful, or doubtful of their path forward, they need only to look inward and focus on their true intentions/desires. The answer will arise with the memory of the unique taste of the flower petals.

All of the answers you seek are already inside, one needs only to listen respectfully.



Limited Edition Drops at Ghostwolf

The Purpose of Gods, Roe LiBretto’s interpretation of humanity’s search for meaning, is now available as first edition giclées, limited to only 10 prints. This iconic image was digitally reproduced, using archival ink, on luxurious acid-free cotton rag paper. The image measures 16” x 40” vertical, with a 1” border for framing. They are available in person at Ghostwolf Gallery and online through her website, HERE.


Denise Weaver Ross has been commissioned to do a mural at Next Best Thing To Being There, 1315 Mountain Rd NW, a shop specializing in offering fair trade items from around the world as well as work from local artists! (Image is of the approved design)




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