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Season’s Greetings! We hope that this email finds you safe, well, and ready for the holiday season! We’ve been promising you some updates for awhile now, and we promise to deliver. Read on for exciting news (spoiler alert: we’re moving!) and a handy holiday shopping guide! (There’s still time to grab those last minute gifts!) Please note that due to very high case levels of COVID-19, Ghostwolf has opted to remain open by appointment only. Please call (505) 246-9653 to arrange a visit!

Thank you as always for your amazing support!
e well, live artfully!
-Amy & The Ghostwolf Gang


We need to start out with a HUGE thank you to all of you that took the time to vote for us for “Best of City” in ABQ THE MAG! You did it! We made the top 5! So cool. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Hunter S. Thompson once said “When the going gets weird, the weird go pro”. Similarly, when there is a pandemic running amok, and you’re going bust, what is your move? Double down of course! You wouldn’t expect anything less of us.

We’d been waiting to make this announcement until our renovations were completed, but as anyone that has undertaken a good-sized project is well aware, things come up. And sometimes, a lot of things come up. So it is and so it goes, and it is ever important to us in a climate where so many small businesses are failing, that you know that we’re still hanging in, and where to find us when you come looking. Thus, we’ve decided to involve you in our journey, and hope to fill our next newsletter with wonderful pictures of the completed space! Please note that for the time being, you can still find us in our old space at 2043 Sth Plaza St NW! We will send out another email– hopefully later this month– with images of our new digs and the new address!

So, where are we going and what are we up to?! We’ve been incredibly fortunate to find an absolutely lovely, if in need of a few renovations, space in the Patio Market section of Old Town. We are super excited about this as the property is home to a host of wonderful small businesses featuring local fine art and crafts, including: The Alan Aragon Gallery, Amy Jane’s Coolstuff, Blackbird Coffee House, Butch Williams Photography, Collected Hands Textiles, Dancing Crow, Guerilla Graphix, Nikki Zabicki, The Village Goldsmith, & Yucca Art Gallery. You can follow the whole lot (and soon us) on INSTAGRAM at: @oldtownabqpatiomarket.

Patio market itself is just gorgeous. Owned by the Albuquerque Museum Foundation, it surrounds the site of the first water well in Albuquerque! We know we are going to love it there, and we know you will too. Here are some pics of the space prior to our getting started on the changes, and mid-renovation!

When we leased the space, it looked like this. Holy color batman! (It was a super cute boutique prior to us, but this was not going to work for us!)
Ah, Old Town we love your quirks! (We really do…) It also had a lot of these wonky cubbies. This one was clearly a door… Charming as they may have been, we need wallspace and these were going to be a leeetle challenging to work with.
And then, there was stuff like this. We’ve all seen messy patches on old walls… They were a warty, ugly mess!
One of our first steps was to eliminate the perception that the mezzanine area was an “art jail”. Down comes the interior wrought-iron gate! There were lots of sparks. It was cool! The result was even more than we’d hoped for and we couldn’t believe how much it opened things up!
The next step was to work on re-enclosing the kitchenette. Someone had tried to match the interior plaster walls and had done a poor job of it. What was left was a super lumpy slumping plaster wall that looked terrible. Tear down the wall!
After talking to several folks, we decided our best option for dealing with the cubbies was just to hide them. The idea was to create a large, modern hanging space in the form of a floating wall. Unfortunately, we were not successful in getting Mexico to pay for it.
How to deal with warty walls… My husband looked at them and knew I was going to hate them. He was right. Nothing a little drywall mud can’t fix. Out damned spot!

And that, friends, is the state of things to date. We can’t wait to show you the finished project! Stay tuned!


“Christmas sweaters are only acceptable as a cry for help.” –Andy Borrowitz

We’re not sure if we completely agree as we tend to believe one should never take oneself too seriously. But that stated, we’re pretty sure our artists have some far more desirable options than ugly Christmas sweaters for holiday gift-giving, and there’s still time to buy online and have them shipped! Most of our artists have a deadline of the 10th of December and if it’s at the gallery or in stock, you can pick up curbside through the 24th! (Please inquire to verify or if you have any concerns!) There is a big push for buying local this year. Help keep your favorite small businesses around so you can visit them with abandon when this downright diabolical year is over. Thank you, as always, for your ongoing support and enthusiasm!




Deadline for shipping: December 10th


Please call for availability if ordering after the 8th! (505) 506-4832
Deadline for shipping on in-stock pieces: December 15th
Deadline for shipping on pieces printed on demand: December 8th


Deadline for shipping: December 10th


Deadline for shipping: December 10th


Deadline for shipping: December 10th


Deadline for shipping: December 10th


Deadline for shipping: December 10th


Deadline for shipping: December 10th


Deadline for shipping: December 10th


Roe LiBretto

Roe LiBretto’s “The Weight of Compassion” was first conceived and drawn more than thirty years ago, this painting’s story is very relevant in light of recent events. Read more about it in her Her Journal.

“As the calamity that is 2020 comes to an end, there’ll be a great deal of emotional aftershock for us to clean up. If you’re like me, you’ll wanna help the people you love get back to normal as soon as possible. That desire’s not a bad thing, but the process by which you execute your help can either exacerbate or alleviate their discomfort.” –Roe LiBretto

The Weight of Compassion is also available as an unframed archival quality Limited Edition Giclée. This first edition is limited to 10 prints. Image size is 15.75″ x 23″ vertical. Click HERE for details.

Amy M. Ditto

“Queen of Hearts” by Amy M. Ditto

“My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.” -Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll)

Click here for purchase options

Ivana Starcevic

“Lost in the Garden” by Ivana Starcevic
Secret Garden Series
Acrylic on Canvas
28″ x 40″

Cristina Sanchez

“Story Traveler” by Cristina Sanchez

Vámonos Sr. Conejo, lléveme a otro cuento…

Greta Stockebrand

“Resentment” by Greta Stockebrand
24”x36”, acrylic on canvas
Also available in limited edition prints

Jeanette Cook

“COVID Gray 2020” by Jeanette Cook

Gabriela Henner

“Egyptian Feast” by Gabriela Henner

“Among the multitude of beautifully crafted items found in King Tut’s tomb, this golden tablet is an intriguing view into the lives of Egyptian monsters. Although these monsters lived alongside ancient Egyptians and participated in their religious ceremonies, they held a special place in their own society for delicious foods. The foods offered in this image suggest they were more culinarily advanced than previously thought and may have been one of the first cultures to enjoy ice cream.”

Denise Weaver Ross

“Nashville TN: Black and Proud” by Denise Weaver Ross
Mixed media on paper
26 x 40 inches


City of Albuquerque Purchases the Work of Three Ghostwolf Artists

Every couple of years, the city’s arts initiative makes a call for the work of local artists. Albuquerque’s arts community is exceptional; the competition is fierce, and they are only able to purchase a small proportion of the works submitted for consideration. Ghostwolf is delighted to announce that not one, but three of the artists we show at the gallery had works chosen this round! Congratulations are in order to Ghostwolf’s owner/artist Amy M. Ditto, artist Ivana Starcevic, and artist Laura Wacha! In total, thirty-one works were chosen from a pool of two-hundred and seventy-nine. The selected pieces can be seen below.

“Wisdom of the Four” by Amy M. Ditto
“The Edge of Night” by Ivana Starcevic

“Campfire” by Laura Wacha
(One of two selected!)




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