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JUNE 2020

Hi folks! It’s been a heck of a spring, and we needed a little break, but we’re back! Ghostwolf is officially open for business, and we want you all to know that we have taken the NM Safe promise, and promise you that we’re following Covid-safe practices, including regular cleaning of high-touch surfaces. We’ll be social distancing, operating at 25% capacity, and wearing our masks. Per state mandate and for the protection of our artists, we require you to do the same. We’re delighted to reopen our doors, and look forward to seeing you soon! We’ve got lots more to show and tell, so read on!

Be well, make art,
-Amy & The Ghostwolf Gang


As we struggle to re-open across the country, many states have mandated wearing a mask while out in public places. Wearing one isn’t so much for our own health, but for the health of those around us. If we’ve got to wear them, we may as well have fun with it, and we encourage you to make a statement, while making the statement that you care about your fellow human beings. The offerings above are just a tiny sampling of designs that Amy M. Ditto, Roe LiBretto, and Denise Weaver Ross are offering on Redbubble. Fun, floral, quirky, and cheeky (see what we did there), we know you will love these!  Additionally, you can acquire a personalized hand-painted monster mask from our own Gaby Henner! (Below)

You can browse Amy, Roe, & Denise’s offerings at the links below, and if you are interested in one of Gaby’s masks, give us a shout and we’ll hook you up!
telephone: (505) 246-9653

Click me a link for masks on Redbubble:
Amy M. Ditto
Roe LiBretto
Denise Weaver Ross


I remember coloring with my Dad when I was a kid. He taught me that if I drew along the inside of the printed black lines with my crayon, it would help prevent the crayon from skipping outside the space in which I was coloring. It kept my pages tidy and gave me more confidence while I learned a new skill. The practice of coloring kept me occupied and calm.

Being calm is important now and, as healthcare professionals and statisticians grapple with finding the right way to phase us out of quarantine, we must continue to find ways to use our newly available free time. It was with this in mind that I recreated a few of my paintings as line drawings for you to print and color. There are no great philosophical preponderances here, just a gift from my heart to distract your mind. I hope you find some moments of peace in adding color to these pages. – Roe LiBretto

Click here to download free Allegorical Art coloring pages



“The Gadabout” by Amy M. Ditto


“Luna” by Cristina Sanchez

“Geometria del Pensamiento” by Cristina Sanchez

“Aviador” by Cristina Sanchez

“Time Traveler” by Cristina Sanchez


Greta relates:
“The Heart of Transitional Funk came out when I saw some of the first images of Covid-19. I knew we were in for a major change and it made my brain squirm with “worms” of anxiety, anger and frustration. The shape in the center floating on an astral green has a mind of its own and it’s happy to swim along, jive-ing to it’s dark yet colorful song.”

The Heart of Transitional Funk, 36”x48”, Acrylic on Canvas, $1,200

“With my pockets emptying and my time expanding I found myself in an interesting place. I was initially rejected from what most folks took advantage of and was forced to have to be creative in ways that I had taken for granted before. It took more time to receive any of the government’s financial allowances than I could afford. I felt dark inside – trapped. I’m not one to wallow. When I’m in a dark room, I look for a light switch or ask for help. I got both. A close friend walked into my room and switched on a light. She made my unessential way of making a living, essential again. It swallowed up my time but I had purpose and I was afloat. The Soporific Vision that came to my mind is because of that friend. It’s surrounded by bright color even though a dark image floats in the center.”

Soporific Vision, 36”x48”, Acrylic on Canvas, $1,200


Postcards to America write-up in the Albuquerque Journal

Given the current state of affairs in our nation, Denise’s “Postcards to America” series is more pertinent than ever. This series, which addresses many systemic societal issues was recently featured in the Albuquerque Journal!

You can read the article and see a slideshow of her work in our blog.

Book: “House of Cards: The Whole Deck”
Denise’s “House of Cards: The Whole Deck” book is now available on Amazon. This volume contains all the images and related poetry from her House of Cards series and makes a great companion to a full deck of cards!

Order it here


We sent this one out in April, but it’s worth repeating… we’re re-opening, but our artists have been hit hard and still very much need your help and support! We’ve been asked by several folks how they can help Ghostwolf weather this storm. Here is a list of ideas!

So, what can you do?

  • First and foremost, you can find many of our artists’ work in our online store. Hop over to OUR WEBSITE and check out the “Shop Online” menu! Helping them, helps the gallery as a whole.



  • Most of our artists have online presences. You can find a full list of those diverse websites which offer anything from their original fine art to fun stuff like clothing and even housewares below, and within this post on our website.


  • Amy is conducting a drive to build funds to support gallery overhead through her Redbubble Site. One-hundred percent of proceeds from teeshirt sales go towards paying the rent!


  • Consider commissioning a custom piece of work from one of us! (Check out the gallery below for examples of pieces some of us have done and email us at with inquiries!)

We cannot express how much we thank you for your concern, your emails with grant and loan opportunities, offers of assistance, and your enthusiasm. We greatly appreciate the support of our friends and family and thank you for helping us remain an integral part of the Albuquerque Art Ecosystem. We’re not planning on going anywhere, but we’re grateful to not be required to be an island in all of this. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!














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