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April 2020

Hi folks! Well, we’ve gone from “Marvelous March” to a pretty agonizing April. We hope that this email finds you safe, healthy, and mostly sane. This is a huge, content-rich newsletter, and though it has been a tough month for us all, we’ve got some fun things to tell you about! We have been working hard to bring you the Women’s Work 2020 show you may have missed thanks to the mandatory closure of our space, and we’ll also be running an auction featuring their work from this Friday, April 24th- May 1st. In other news, if you’re looking for something to do Friday night (April 24th), the Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Festival has put together an online art show! Details for both of these events follow. We’ve got updates and anecdotes and fun monster masks to show you, and finally, we’ve been asked by several folks how they can help Ghostwolf weather this storm. In this mail, we’ll provide lots of links and ideas on how you can help the gallery and its artists. As a tiny business that is a collection of tiny businesses that effectively operates as a non-profit, this is an incredibly difficult time for us, and any and all of your support is hugely appreciated. We thank you for your concern, your offers of assistance, and ever your enthusiasm!

Be well, make art,
-Amy & The Ghostwolf Gang


It is Woman’s Work to tell the truth… What do we settle for when only part of the story is told?” -Juliana Coles

Mandatory business closures meant that the artists in our Women’s show had their exhibition cut short. We weren’t willing to settle and allow that to happen, so we’ve worked hard to bring you a short video featuring all of their pieces.  (See below!)

In addition, to provide you with the opportunity to purchase their work, and them with the opportunity to sell it, we’ll be hosting an online auction beginning now and running through 8pm Friday, May 1st.

You can find both the video tour & the auction on our website, here:

Artists are getting hit extra hard in this particular moment in time, with most of their opportunities to generate income cancelled for the foreseeable future and all of their regular venues closed. Please consider supporting your favorites through a purchase of their work!

This year’s exhibition represents the work of 26 New Mexican women, selected from 173 submissions by 51 total applicants. The women are from all over central New Mexico, representing the greater Albuquerque and East Mountain Area, Placitas, Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Pecos, and Grants.

Exhibitors include:

Christina Akerson, Lisa Baker, Brooke Beggio, Elaine Bolz, Lindsay Brenner, Marita Brookley, Juliana Coles, Elizabeth Criger, Jennifer DeSantis, Constance Falk, Linsay Locke, Sandi J. Ludescher, Sonia Luévano, NC Magnusson, Rhonda Main, Shelley Miller, Barbara Miller, Susan Nordman, Kate Palmo, Susan Pine, Virginia Primozic, Mercedes Reyes, Jamila Savoy, Heather Ward, Alice Webb, & PK Williams.


Women’s Work 2020 Video Tour


It’s a mixed up, muddled up, brave new world friends… Visit Ghostwolf artist Amy M. Ditto live from her home in Tijeras, NM Friday, April 24th from 3-7pm! She’d sure like to see all of your smiling faces!

With so many art festival cancellations happening across the country, Rio Grande wanted to explore new avenues of connecting artists with YOU! They have been working hard during their days in isolation to put the ART in quARanTine, and have 40 artists from their festival family ready to sell online in a completely new environment! This virtual festival will combine shopping with artist studio tours and demonstrations through an interactive broadcast with video chats. Talk directly with artists in their “booths” and see their latest work from the comfort of your living room!

Access to the show is free, click here!


As mentioned in our intro, we’ve been asked by several folks how they can help Ghostwolf weather this storm. What you may or may not know about our gallery is that we effectively run as a non-profit. Each of our artists runs their own micro-business from within our walls, and we collect only 10% of their sales for overhead costs. As a result, we run on a shoestring budget and don’t have much of a cushion to help us weather hard times. We are quickly learning that we are SO small that we are in the category of those left behind, and are not having any luck getting assistance from the government and community resources thus far open to us. Meanwhile, our business remains closed and the bills keep coming.

So, what can you do?

  • First and foremost, you can find many of our artists’ work in our online store. Hop over to OUR WEBSITE and check out the “Shop Online” menu! Helping them, helps the gallery as a whole.



  • Most of our artists have online presences. You can find a full list of those diverse websites which offer anything from their original fine art to fun stuff like clothing and even housewares below, and within this post on our website.


  • Amy is conducting a drive to build funds to support gallery overhead through her Redbubble Site. One-hundred percent of proceeds from teeshirt sales go towards paying the rent!


  • Consider commissioning a custom piece of work from one of us! (Check out the gallery below for examples of pieces some of us have done and email us at with inquiries!)

Finally, entrepreneurs all, we’re not the type of folks particularly comfortable with coming to you with our hands out. However, one of the wisest things my father ever said to me was that sometimes, you needed to learn how to accept a gift graciously, because sometimes folks just really want to help. We understand that people may just not want to be sold to right now, but still get warm feels from helping out their favorite businesses, and we are incredibly appreciative of that.

  • As such, you can also donate to us via Paypal at:  Alternatively, we’ve created a “Donate!” button on our website, where you can toss us a few scraps or a bone or two. You already have our eternal devotion, so we’ll just have to promise it x2.

Again, I cannot express how much we thank you for your concern, your emails with grant and loan opportunities, offers of assistance, and your enthusiasm. We greatly appreciate the support of our friends and family and thank you for helping us remain an integral part of the Albuquerque Art Ecosystem. We’re not planning on going anywhere, but we’re grateful to not be required to be an island in all of this. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


“Raising Consciousness”  by Roe LiBretto

“The Watchdog” by Amy M. Ditto

“Garden Goddess of Armijo Lane” by Denise Weaver Ross

“Squiple” by Gabriela Henner

“Dust Devil” by Greta Stockebrand













I received an email the other day from a woman on the other side of the country looking to order a copy of “Meanwhile, Back in Kansas”. She wanted to call me and tell me where she had seen the piece. We had a lovely conversation, and she related that she had seen it in an outdoor gallery someone had created. How cool is that? She was kind enough to send photographs.

At a moment when I watch my colleagues struggling under the psychological weight of being told they are “non-essential”, this anecdote illustrates why it is absolutely not true. The “gallerist” states:

“The piece seems timely to me right now. The storm is raging, and there’s not much we can do but try to stay out of its way. Or, is there?”

I admit that I too, have been struggling. I’m tired. I’m defeated; and I’m angry. The gallery we have worked so hard to build and just felt like it was getting some traction in the world sits closed. All of my art events, which are my primary source of income have been cancelled. Tourism will surely suffer, and it is hard enough to make a living on art in a strong economy… These issues and so many other fears and frustrations have become a daily and unwelcome feature of my existence. But, it’s stories like these that make me realize that what I do DOES matter. It helps immeasureably, and every time I feel a little low, I am going to pull these images out as a reminder. Thanks so much Karen, for the gift of your story!

Stories like this right now can help lift our fellow artists up. Do you have a cool story to tell related to a piece you have created or a piece you have purchased? Send it to me at: so that we can feature you!


Greta’s work was featured this month in AMC’s “Better Call Saul”! You can see her piece “Dust Devil” (pictured above in the “Commissioned Work” section) in Season 5, Episode 10! “Dust Devil” is for sale. Let us know if we can hook you up!

Mask Donations for the Community!

As everyone already knows, Gaby is a woman of many talents. She has gotten on the mask-sewing bandwagon, and is making some of the cutest we’ve seen so far! As her way of giving back, she has promised to donate 5 masks to a local organization that needs them (suggestions welcome) for every purchase folks make of our artist’s work through our website! We love this idea and hope you will too!

Gaby is also painting custom masks for sale. The bottom mask in the image below gives you an idea of some of the super cuteness. Contact Gaby, or give us a shout at if you find you just have to have one. (We know we do!)


Denise continues to work on her Postcards to America series.

Milwaukee WI: Genuine American Segregation (work-in-progress)

She has also finished up “House of Cards: The Whole Deck”.
“The Whole Deck combines the previously published books corresponding to the four suits from her “House of Cards” series of art and poetry books in which she re-imagines a deck of cards. The Heart Suit combines heart cards with Egyptian imagery and the swords from the Tarot; the Tree Suit transforms clubs into trees, both natural and symbolic; the Star Suit turns diamonds into stars, constellation and other celestial phenomenon; and the Bone Suit replaces spades with an excavation of bones and fossils. You can purchase “The Whole Deck” on Amazon.


“2020 Hindsight”, a riff on her popular “Doggles” image, by Amy M. Ditto




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