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November 2019

First Friday ARTScrawl (November 1st; 5-8pm)
Ghostwolf Artists Present: GRATITUDE

This month, Ghostwolf artists will fill our gallery walls with images and statements that best express the theme of “Gratitude”. In celebration of the giving season, a portion of our proceeds during November & December will go to local charities. As always, our artists will be on-hand to chat and enjoy a glass of wine with. The exhibition will be on display throughout the month, and also as always, we’re open 11-6 daily.

“Davy Behr and Barry” by Gabriela Henner


On being a slacker (or, perhaps just really busy) and gratitude…

The best laid plans, as they say… I’d like to begin with an apology to those of you that wait for the newsletter to arrive in your inboxes to make your plans for First Fridays. I promise that the occasional day-of email is not some kind of devious plot to keep you from our doorstep— we really do want your fabulous, shining faces at our events! Rather, it’s an off-shoot of the fact that I’m almost single-handedly running a business that should probably have several folks on staff, and attempting to manage my own life and art career in the same breath.

For loyal local friends that don’t follow us on social media (why the heck not, click the link!) here’s a pro-tip: you can always see what is going on not just with Ghostwolf, but across the city of Albuquerque by visiting the Albuquerque Art Business Association’s website or picking up an ARTScrawl brochure at a member gallery! Woohoo!

That information conveyed, I confess that I have another purpose in writing. In accordance with this month’s gallery theme of “Gratitude” we really do want you all to know how much we appreciate you. Without our loyal friends and fans, Ghostwolf would have gone exactly nowhere. You know who you are. You collect, even if it’s little things. You come to every show and brighten our day. You cheerlead. You tell others about us. You show up for ARTScrawl when it’s an off-month or it’s cold outside.

You make what we do worth doing.  Because while artists may say “I don’t care if anyone loves it/buys it, I’d do it anyhow” (all true), it does matter, and it does mean a ton to us to know our art is having an impact, be it to beautify a room or brighten someone’s day. It’s incredibly special when someone takes a piece of your work into their life. This is one of the most palpable perks of being an artist and beyond cool. But, it’s even more amazing when someone comes up to me at a show and says “I put this in my bedroom and it makes me laugh every morning!” or, “I’m going through something really difficult right now, and this will help me remember that everything is going to be okay.” Wow. That one genuinely floored me the first time I heard it.

We recognize that kicking off the giving season with a “Gratitude” theme may not seem to be our most inspired moment, but we also recognize that sometimes, it’s good to step back, take stock, and put some love back out into the ether. So, thank you friends. We have a lot to be grateful for, but you, by far, are our greatest treasure.

Love and puppy huggles,
Amy & “The Pack”


“I’m grateful for time and health– having time to paint large scale, and the physical and mental health to paint large.”


“Raised with nothing but want; robbed of any hope of having;
I had to learn to be.”

“Cutting our teeth in a competitive culture of Western consumerism, we are almost literally bred with want. As we come into the holiday season, I think of my earliest childhood memories from this time of year; the Sears catalog and long letters to Santa; counting the number of gifts under the tree; the excitement and anticipation of the days before Christmas, and the anti-climatic emptiness once all the gifts were open. As a child, it’s not something you think hard on or can define, but I was definitely aware of it. The joy that I felt on that morning was so brief when weighed against the anticipation. Even if I was absolutely delighted with my gifts, there was this sort of existential disappointment. It was over until next year.

This was probably because I was filling up my cup with the wrong stuff– thinking things would provide lasting happiness, when of course they cannot. Young children don’t really think on gratitude. Developmentally, they’re not even technically capable of considering such abstract subject matters. And as a result, we really have to learn it.

I don’t know at what age this really clicked for me, but at some point, I realized how exhausting that want– that hunger to have the newest things, or probably for me even more challenging– to always do better, do/accomplish more– is. The recognition that in spite of how far I still have to go to be the person I want to be or have the life I want is greatly tempered now by my understanding of how much I genuinely have. In a society that is built on setting our expectations unrealistically high and constantly telling us we need more, sometimes all that is needed is a tiny shift in perspective, to assessing our lives not upon where we want to be, but rather right where we are.”

“Keepers of the Heart” by Amy M. Ditto

“This tumultuous year has taught me to be grateful for how much I have grown as an artist and as a person. Life is about the good and the bad, and I’m working daily to transform negative encounters into positive learning experiences.”
“Gratefulness is really just the way that each of us expresses grace to each other… and so many people have given me the grace of their kindness and wisdom in ways that they may not have even been aware of. I am grateful for that.”

“Seven Bones of Connection” by Denise Weaver Ross

“I’m grateful for connections. The Seven Bones of Connection artwork shows a giraffe with seven seven-petaled flowers that look like chakras. In doing research for this painting, I discovered that all mammals (except the sloth and the manatee) have seven vertebrae in their necks, including humans and giraffes. I was blown away by this symbol of our connection to the natural world.”

“Joy” by Denise Weaver Ross

“The painting simply called “Joy” is based on Hexagram 59 from the 2000 year-old divination system of the I Ching. It represents interlocking lakes and the connection between people.”


WHERE: The Next Best Place to Being There
WHEN: November 1st, 5-8pm

WHERE: Flying Star, 4501 Juan Tabo NE
WHEN: Ongoing, November 3- January 12, 2020

If you’re out and about, stop by Flying Star on Juan Tabo and enjoy Greta’s work with a cuppa and some of the tastiest treats in town!


WHEN: November 29- December 1

The Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Fairs are one of the country’s premier arts & crafts shows, and one of the best places to do your holiday shopping. Happening over Thanksgiving weekend, consider avoiding the Black Friday crowds and opt for one-of-a-kind gifts while helping out small, local businesses! Amy will have small, giftable pieces featuring her original art, as well as the larger pieces your special someone has been coveting.


We know it’s cold outside, but we promise our businesses are warm and toasty and you’ve got holiday shopping to think about! Several of our galleries are offering holiday specials through the new year, so don’t let the weather slow you down! This month marks the addition of Blue Moon Marketplace to the mix. Please be sure and visit and give them a huge welcome!

And remember, Old Town ARTScrawl galleries have teamed up with Old Town Restaurants to make your First Friday even more fun! Visit 5 or more of our 6 participating galleries and get your brochure signed or stamped and get 15% off at Gobble This, or FREE Truffle Fries with purchase at The High Noon Restaurant and Saloon!

See you on Friday!

About The AABA:
Since 1990, the Albuquerque Arts Business Association (AABA) has presented ARTScrawl self-guided tours by district. Ghostwolf has been a member of this fantastic group since our inception in 2016!

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