The Artists of WILD! 2018: Celebrating Wildlife & Diversity Through Art

Ghostwolf is excited to bring you the 2018 WILD! exhibition in collaboration with Defenders of Wildlife. WILD! is an eclectic collection of sculpture and images created by local artists that reflects our reverence for the natural world. A portion of proceeds from the show will go to support efforts by DoW towards the protection and preservation of wildlife! Following is a list of participating artists, a short statement from them regarding why they work with wildlife as a subject matter, and their piece in the show.


Lisa Baker

“Silhouette of Wolf”, 18×24, Acrylic and Papers on Canvas, $375


“The Invitation” 21x10x14, Mixed Media on Gourd, $175


Jan Beck

“Looking for Hope”, 8×10, Mixed Media, $250


“Old Man”, 8×10, Mixed Media, $250


“The Wisdom Keepers”, 8×10, Mixed Media, $275


Lindsay Brenner

“Turtles Hiding in the Garden”, 13×13, $100


Julie Brokken

Blind Raven Nests in the Sky, 24x18x6, Photo Encaustic Assemblage, $725


Barbara Burzillo

“Somos Uno” (We Are One), 26x20x20, Bronze, $4800


“Indifferent Owl”, 11x8x6, Bronze, $1400


Global Mourning, 24.5x7x7, Bronze, $4700


Katie Carillo

“The Good Crop”, 24×24, Oil on Panel, $1100


Sean Michael Chavez

“The Harvest”, 24×24, Oil on Canvas, $495


Coyote Gold, 24×24, Oil on Canvas, $495


Idell Conaway

“Ctenactis albitentaculata”, 21×26, Photography, $250


Kelly Haller

“Burrowing Owl”, 8×10, Photography, $95


Christy Henspetter

“Sumatran Soul”, 11×14, $500


Lari Tiller Howell

“Porky”, 14×10, Watercolor, $400


Madeline Jacknin

“The Invitation”, 12×12, Pastel, $245


Elizabeth MacQuigg

“Hózhó (Buffalo-New York) “, 40×40, Acrylic, $5500


Juan Morales

“Elegance”, 16×20, Mixed Media on Paper, $300


Vera Neel

“Cactus Dance”, 16×20, Oil on Canvas, $825


Kate Palmo

“Blue Danube”, 25.5×15.5, Oil $425 (Image unavailable)


Lyndia Radice

“Grumpy Thrasher”, 12×12, Digital Painting, $175


“Magdalena Hummingbird, 11×14, Digital Painting, $175


Belen Romero

“Black Bear”, 27×27, Acrylic on Wood, $545


“Sandhill Crane”, 50×27, Acrylic on Wood, $1095 (Image unavailable)


L Wren Walraven

“iHeart the Sandias”, 18×24, Acrylic on Canvas, $695


“Pinyon Pleasure, 18×24, Acrylic on Canvas, $695


Heather Ward

“Ghost of the Past”, 16×16, Scratchboard, $1200


Un-Bearable, 17×14, Scratchboard $1050


Fred Yost

Dojiwa, 26.5×20.5, Pastel, $750