I got up Sunday morning and went through the usual motions to get ready for a day at the gallery. I looked at my phone to see how I was doing on time, and noticed an email had come through with the title “Congratulations!”. I was floored when I realized it was a client excited about the gallery winning a “Reader’s Choice” award from the Albuquerque Journal! No one contacted us regarding our win. We were completely blindsided!
Now, we know it’s only third place but don’t be disappointed friends. The other two galleries on the list have been in business decades and the competition is fierce! We’re just pups having opened just a little over a year ago!
I know I speak for all of our artists when I say thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou… Thank you! We know that your time is precious and we are tremendously honored that you used a little of it to fill out that form and vote for us! It’s huge, and we are eternally grateful. We can’t keep doing what we do without you.  

-Ghostwolf Owner/Curator/Artist & Wolf-herder, Amy M. Ditto