My artwork investigates the idea of formlessness by studying its opposite. Using drawing, painting, and design techniques, I create explicitly structured paintings based on the formative principles of contrast and unity. My goal is to play order against chaos and see what happens.

Simultaneously excessive and restrained, these works are largely composed of elemental shapes and patterns that are designed to a grid. Some may find this procedure restrictive, but I find the opposite is true. To me, the grid represents the web of life. It is a playground where method intermingles with improvisation. I’m fascinated by the spatial relationships that develop during this process and like to refer to my work as “abstractometry” or “measured abstraction.”

These paintings depict shallow space, but symbolize something deeper than surface meaning. Rather than being fixed or settled, they are meditations on the orderliness of nature and the cosmos from an intimate perspective. In this reductive space, I find room for intricate inquiries about relationship, connectivity, and identity.

Christa Stephens is a New Mexico artist who focuses on non-objective contemporary art and geometric abstraction. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is included in private collections in the US and the UK.